Niagara Moon

Niagara Moon is a musical group led by Thomas Erwin, based in Seattle, Washington. Their retro alternative music is filled with catchy melodies, mellow rhythms, and lush arrangements.

Their debut album "Eating Peaches" is now out on Spotify, iTunesBandcamp, CDBaby, and many other sites.

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Niagara Moon is Thomas Erwin, plus whomever he can get to play with him. 

Hailing from the beautiful Pioneer Valley in Western Massachusetts, Thomas started Niagara Moon in the summer of 2015. His music combines the rich melodicism of Brian Wilson and Harry Nilsson with the modern indie style of artists like Ben Folds and Of Montreal. Catchy melodies, impressionistic lyrics and mellow rhythms abound.


A musical omnivore from a young age, Thomas started out playing classical piano in grade school. From there, he moved onto jazz, improv, and even electronica before finally settling on the craft of pop songwriting. 

While studying abroad in Kyoto, Japan, he formed his first band Otadehan, and wrote songs both in Japanese and English. After nearly three years and two albums, Otadehan went on hiatus while Thomas returned to Massachusetts to finish his degree. 

During his time back in MA, he recorded the first Niagara Moon album "Eating Peaches" almost entirely by himself, armed with only keyboards, synths, samples, and a bass. Collaborations with friends helped round out the sound with a few additional instruments. (Thomas really wishes he had learned guitar...)

He has since relocated to Seattle, where he has formed a new live band with a guitarist, bassist, drummer, and harmony vocalist. They are all excited to bring you songs from Eating Peaches as well as new tunes for the next Niagara Moon album. Although he'll still play gigs without em if they're busy...


Eating Peaches is Thomas's first album entirely in English. His previous releases with Otadehan are available on iTunes, Spotify, and at

Lastly, Thomas produces a podcast called Talkin About The Passion, where he interviews various other musicians and showcases their music.